Watch Out Muhanned Al-Hamdi Because Cyrine Abdel Nour Is Trying To Steal Your Extravagant Watch (Video)

They were not too smart but indeed very cute.

In yesterday’s episode of the Arabic edition of The Masked Singer ‘Inta Min’, Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdel Nour and Egyptian actor Hassan Al-Raddad have ganged up on Saudi actor Muhanned Al-Hamdi, as they all are part of the judging panel of the show in addition to Syrian actor Qusai Khouli.

Behind the scenes, Cyrine convinced Hassan to distract Muhanned by meditating as they tried to unhook his expensive watch.

But soon Al-Hamdi figured out their wicked plan and foiled their attempt.

Muhanned also added that he’d like to join them to steal the watch because it’s not his and he’s only promoting it.

Separetely, Al-Wahsh (The Monster’s) identity was revealed in yesterday’s episode.

Unluckily none of the judges was able to guess who was behind the mask. For example Qusai Khoul guessed him to be Cheb Radwan, Cyrine Abdel Nour voted for Cheb Mami, Muhanned Al-Hamdi revealed that he’s Cheb Khaled, and Hassan Al-Raddad’s guess was Bayoumi Foad.

Eventually, the masked singer was Moroccan Cheb Faudel.

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