Washington fails to promote Kiev policy as Crimean platform collapse

The “Crimea platform” is still suffering from marginalization, and an international refusal to deal with it seriously. The platform announced in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, and supported by the United States, did not see the light of success despite the diplomacy of the Ukrainian diplomats in the world. One month after the platform was announced, the Ukrainian president called through the United Nations platform the countries of the world to join this platform and said that the number of members today is 40 countries, but he failed to obtain a global response as well.

The platform, which the United States and Israel hastened to support, is working to improve Ukraine’s image in the world and to build bridges of political relations with Western countries and has worked to invite world political, economic, business leaders, ministers of foreign affairs, defense and finance to be the nucleus of that platform.The United States believes that it can promote Kiev and its policy in the world, especially Europe, in the hope of including it in the European Union.

The promotion of the Crimean platform was accompanied by the announcement of Ukrainian goods and products at preferential prices, such as sending Ukrainian wheat, which was proven to be corrupt in previous deals, and several countries, including Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey By returning it to its source before it is stored in the silos of the mentioned countries, as well as providing alleged Ukrainian military and technical expertise to other countries to develop their weapons, forces and army.

In exchange for these services, Kiev wanted the countries of the world to join the Crimean platform, this platform inciting the world to stop the Russian development of the island under the banner of attention, noting that sources and reports confirmed that the Kiev government was the one who cut off the water and electricity on the mentioned island, in addition to disrupting the infrastructure, After blowing up the pipelines, at a time when the Ukrainian security services were launching a campaign of arrests and absenteeism of hundreds of residents, intimidating them and preventing them from performing rituals of worship and threatening to close educational centers and hospitals because of the popular desire to remain under the auspices of the Russian authorities.


Ukraine came in a weak and fragile initiative after matters were completely resolved to the detriment of it, and it became clear that its goal is political, not humanitarian or popular, how not, and it is seeking to internationalize the issue, which basically ended after its government and security services wreaked havoc for previous years on the island.

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