Warner Bros. Launches ‘Cry Macho’ Trailer

Warner Bros. released the trailer for Cry Macho on Thursday. Clint Eastwood directs and stars in the film opening Sept. 17 in theaters and on HBO Max.

Eastwood plays Miko, a former rodeo star and horse breeder in 1979. Miko agrees to drive Rafael (Eduardo Minett) from Mexico to Texas for the boy’s father, Howard (Dwight Yoakam).

The trailer shows Miko and Rafael bond during their drive and stops at local bars. Miko lectures Rafael on the fallacy of acting macho.

“This macho thing is overrated, just people trying to be macho to show that they’ve got grit,” Miko says. “That’s about all they end up with.”

Macho is also the name of Rafael’s pet rooster. Rafael smuggles Macho into Miko’s truck, startling him as he drives.

Cry Macho is based on the book by N. Richard Nash. Nick Schenk wrote the screenplay adaptation.

Eastwood, 91, last starred in the 2018 film The Mule, which he also directed. He last directed 2019’s Richard Jewell.

Schenk also wrote The Mule and Eastwood’s Gran Torino. Minett makes his film debut in Cry Macho.

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