Wael Kfoury Opens up About his Recent Car Accident

Wael Kfoury opens up about his horrific traffic accident in the streets of Beirut.

Kfoury shared a message to his followers and fans on social media, in which he said:

the singer added “You overwhelmed me with your love and your fear for me.. believe me, I touched the love of every one of you.. I am grateful for your prayers!..every word you said was mean to me went through my heart.”

“I thank you, one by one, and I apologize. I was unable to communicate with you or respond to your calls. But, God willing, soon we will communicate as soon as I become better.” he continued.

Wael left the hospital after undergoing treatment after the accident, which resulted in bruises throughout his body and severe damage to his car.

The Lebanese media, Dominique Abu Hanna, had announced that Kfoury had a horrific car accident and had his car smashed, and published pictures of the car on his official account on Twitter and commented: “thank God for Wael Kfoury’s well being, as he had suffered a horrific car accident.”

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