Wael Kfoury Declares: I Don’t Remember Anything After the Car Accident

Lebanese artist, Wael Kfoury, has joked with the audience of the concert he threw at Al-Majaz Theater in the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE, a few days ago, after they asked him to perform his famous song “Jan Al-Hawa”.

The Lebanese star responded, jokingly with the audience, by saying, “Oh, you want me to remember it, after the accident, I don’t remember anything,” in reference to the traffic accident he had last October.

With the insistence of the audience, Kfoury responded to their request, but he actually forgot the lyrics, and the accompanying choir team helped him sing the song, which received a great response from the audience.

The concert witnessed a large audience from various Arab nationalities, where Kfoury sang a number of his songs, most notably “Law Hobna Ghalta, Kelna Mnnjar, Omri Kello, Lail O Raad and El-Bent El-Awieh”

The last song received great interaction from the audience, as it is one of Kfoury’s recent popular songs, and achieved high viewership rates when it was released on YouTube.

“Thank you to Sharjah and the wonderful audience on its land for this distinguished hosting,” Wael Kfoury said in a speech before the beginning of the concert. He also expressed his admiration for Al Majaz Theater and the positive and effective effects of the emirate on cultural and artistic circles locally, Arably, and internationally.

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