‘Voting is Cool and So are Disproportionate Boobs!’ Ireland Baldwin Encourage Her Followers to Vote

'Voting is Cool and So are Disproportionate Boobs!' Ireland Baldwin Encourage Her Followers to Vote

Ireland Baldwin has been using her platform to encourage her followers to cast their vote in the upcoming election.

And the model, 25, took her efforts up a notch by wearing a pair of ‘I Voted’ stickers as pasties in a series of topless self-portraits shared to Instagram on Thursday.

‘voting is cool and so are disproportionate boobs,’ captioned Baldwin, who posed for the sultry snapshots in the backyard of her Los Angeles home.

The first photo showed her standing near the edge of her pool in a pair of khaki pants and her thumbs in her front pockets.

Ireland looked noticeably makeup-free and she had her blonde, shoulder-length hair parted down the middle.

For the second patriotic pic, Baldwin posed with her arms positioned above her head and a warm smirk on her face.

Her fingers were interlocked and her extensive arm tattoos and rib tattoo were on full display.

Ireland’s final snapshot showed her cradling her ample chest in her arms and she appeared to be looking at someone out of frame.

Whether or not Baldwin’s Instagram post on Thursday successfully encouraged voter turn out, the NSFW photos did garner nearly 30,000 likes on the platform.

Later in the day, the daughter of Alec Baldwin got an early start to her 25th birthday festivities with some of her closest pals.

She showed off a hilarious wine glass she received from a friend that featured a graphic of a Dachshund the phrase: ‘It’s been a log day.’

‘Best birthday gift ever… good start to turning 25 tomorrow,’ wrote Ireland on her Instagram Story.

After capturing some brief clips of a few of the gifts she received, Baldwin unveiled her birthday glam to her 627,000 followers.

The daughter of Kim Basinger had on a maroon toned floral dress and she rocked the natural waves in her hair.

As for makeup, Ireland drew attention to her ice blue peepers by rocking some winged eyeliner and a touch of metallic shadow on her eyelids.

‘Since quarantine this is how I do my hair,’ captioned the stunner as she shook out her hair in front of the camera and flipped it back.

Baldwin and her friends then left her home and headed out to socially-distanced dinner in the city.

They all sipped on a variety of delicious drinks as they waited for their food to arrive to their table.

Ireland captured a few moments from the dinner on her Instagram Story, which showed her being silly at their table and her friends wishing her a ‘Happy Birthday.’

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