Viral Video: Woman Cooks Hot Noodles, Swings Pot While Dancing to Gangnam Style

Viral Video: Woman Cooks Hot Noodles, Swings Pot While Dancing to Gangnam Style

A video of a woman showing off some terrifying dance moves during a lively cookery demonstration at an Asian food market has received a mixed reaction.

The footage captures her swinging a wok full of steaming hot noodles around her head as she dances to Gangnam Style.

The clip was posted on social media and has since gone viral with almost 9 million views.

In the video, the woman is surrounded by onlookers as she stir-fries noodles on a large flame while moving to the beat.

As the song reaches the chorus she picks up the wok, by slotting her ladle into the handle of the wok, and begins to swing it around her head.

The wok circles her head nine times as she swings it vigorously, leaning back into the wide movement – with the steaming hot noodles miraculously staying in the wok.

The wok comes dangerously close to the ground and her headband falls off her head mid-performance but she ignores it and keeps on dancing.

As the chorus nears the end, she places the pan back on the flame and continues to groove while she cooks.

The footage provoked amazement with Twitter users after it was shared online on October 9, with the caption: ‘ Me making supernoodles after coming home at 4am hammered’.

One person commented: ‘I always just wonder what makes someone decide they’re going to start doing stuff like this.’

However, some people pointed out the potential danger of the act, writing: I’m sure she’s been doing it for awhile, but that one time she missteps and…hot noodles on everyone!’

The dancing woman has a TikTok account where she posts videos of her cooking and dancing online under the username keeley86.

In most of her videos she enthusiastically cooks and dances in the same way she demonstrated at the food market.

She has built up a popular online presence with almost 70,000 followers on her page.

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