Viral: Red Bull Plane Pilot Dies in Horror Crash in Guatemala Training

Viral: Red Bull Plane Pilot Dies in Horror Crash in Guatemala Training

A Red Bull pilot has reportedly died in a horror plane crash while training in Guatemala.

The aerobatic jet is seen spiralling to the ground before smashing through a marquee in Iztapa yesterday.

The shocking crash has reportedly killed two people with another missing, though it is not clear who they were.

In a statement released last night, Guatemala’s voluntary fire service confirmed two had died and said another was missing.

Guatemala Aeroclub said in a statement: ‘With much regret and pain the club reports that today an accident occurred.

‘We want to express our most sincere condolences and reiterate our pain to all those affected.

‘As an association, we are already collaborating with the respective authorities carrying out the investigation into the incident.’

Footage shows the plane perform loops and barrel rolls before it dips and heads towards the ground.

It races towards the person recording before levelling out at the last minute.

But the plane hits the grass bottom first and skids along the earth and out of shot.

Red Bull pilot Kirby Chambliss said on Facebook: ‘An accident occurred during this afternoon’s practice session in Iztapa, Guatemala, ahead of the airshow scheduled for this weekend.

‘Kirby is okay and safe. The airshow has been cancelled. We are unable to release any further details at this time.’

Francis Argueta Aguirre, head of the Directorate of Civil Aviation in Guatemala, added on Twitter: ‘We regret the tragic accident that occurred on Friday in Iztapa, when the professional pilot of the Chambliss team sponsored by Red Bull, performed acrobatics manoeuvres prior to the exhibition that was scheduled for Saturday morning.

‘Our deepest condolences to the bereaved.’

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