Viral: Five Cows Give a Farm Cat a Good Lick

Viral: Five Cows Give a Farm Cat a Good Lick

This is the bizarre moment five cows mob a farm cat to lick and groom it.

The cows gave the ginger cat a thorough clean at a dairy farm near Kiev, Ukraine, in footage taken by Sergey Vasilevich.

The purring cat appears to enjoy the cow’s attention as they poke their heads through the bars of their pen to reach it.

Two cows begin licking the cat on either side of its head and under its chin as it closes its eyes in pleasure.

One of the cows lightly chews on the cats ear while another curious cow pokes its head over to see what all the fuss is about.

The third cow manages to poke its head through and begins licking the cat as well, which remains motionless.

By the end of the clip, five cows have managed to start licking the cat while another watches on, including one cow licking its tail.

Sergey said: ‘I was touched by how cute the cows licking the cat was.’

The footage was taken in April but only resurfaced today, but is not the first time a cat has been seen enjoying the affections of cows.

Photographer Yochi Aranov Zwilling captured a cat who regularly visited the cow pen of a kibbutz in a series of 2013 pictures in Shephela, in the Judaean Hills, Israel.

The ginger cat, similar in appearance to the one seen in Ukraine, used to visit the farm to get a good lick from the calves there.

Yochi said: ‘Three stray cats in the area come to the farm every morning for their bowl of milk.

‘One of them usually wanders off to see the calves once it has had its breakfast, looking for love and affection.’

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