Vin Diesel Reveals Cardi B Will Return to F10

And while the film has yet to be released, Vin Diesel has already revealed Cardi B will be returning for the next chapter in the series, F10.

‘We are very much excited to evolve her character and to expand it to the finale,’ Vin, 53, told Entertainment Tonights. ‘She made it just in time. She came in Fast 9 just in time.’

Cardi, 28, will be playing Leysa, and while she may be new to the cast, director Justin Lin revealed it didn’t take long for her to fit right in.

‘I love Cardi, you know? I mean, it’s amazing she showed up and within a minute she’s part of the family, right?’ he told ET.

‘And I love how when I got together with her, her and Vin were talking about the character because she’s actually really embedded into the overall universe, she’s been around for a long time and this is just the first time we are seeing her, so I’m really excited to explore that character of her.’

‘I’ll work with her any day,’ he continued.

Cardi recently revealed Vin, who serves as producer on the franchise, had personally invited her to join the movie.

‘He was talking about a role and I was like, ‘It’s freakin’ Fast & Furious. Get me there! Put me on a plane!” the rapper explained with a laugh in a video released by Universal Pictures.

Along with a glimpse of the hitmaker on set with Diesel and director Justin, Cardi also talks about her character Leysa whom the studio describes as ‘a woman with a connection to Dom’s past.’

‘I like the fact that I’m representing such a powerful, strong woman,’ Cardi said, adding: ‘She’s just that b****!’

She added: ‘Being around Vin, he’s just so nice, so dope. He makes you feel so comfortable. I’m just so excited.’

And she expressed her excitement in a tweet on Tuesday after the video was released.

‘I can’t wait to watch Fast and furious 9. I haven’t seen my scenes yet! That’s the best part about it thooo watching the movie then you see yourself coming in,’ she wrote on Twitter.

‘I’m sooo proud of myself. GOD IS GOOD ! Can I get a ALL THE TIME ? !!!!’

In F9, Diesel’s Dom Toretto faces unprecedented danger after his long lost brother Jakob (John Cena) teams up with Cipher (Charlize Theron) to bring down the Toretto clan.

Back for more Fast and Furious action are series stars Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Nathalie Emmanuel.

Helen Mirren, Kurt Russell and Sung Gang also put in an appearance.

Lin, who helmed four previous movies in the franchise, will follow F9 with two more films in the series.

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