‘Viewers Think We Like Acting Sexual Scenes’! Hazal Kaya Stands For Beren Saat

'Viewers Think We Like Acting Sexual Scenes'! Hazal Kaya Stands For Beren Saat

Turkish actress Beren Saat admitted that she was annoyed by playing audacious roles in some of her scenes.

Beren’s fellow actress Hazal Kaya said she understands her and she herself has been refusing to play bold scenes after her marriage to director Ali Atay.

Hazal was asked about Beren’s statements by Turkish press, and she commented: “Of course she has the right to say everything she wants, and I understand her feeling disturbed by this.”

She continued: “Viewers think that we enjoy it, when we kiss or shoot a bold scene, but we in reality we can be under great pressure and embarrassment. Sometimes we do not get along behind with the scenes, but viewers do not know that.”

She added: “By virtue of my experience with Beren, she is creative and shy and does not resemble the character she played in Aşk-ı Memnu, it was difficult for her to embody the character of a woman who has vulgar relations.”

Kaya went on saying: “Now I agree with her more after my marriage. A married actress has a slightly different situation, and she is bound by many  traditions.”

Hazal and Beren co-starred in the series Aşk-ı Memnu “Forbidden Love” 10 years ago.

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