Video: Transgender Woman Beaten, Spat at in NY Subway

Video: Transgender Woman Beaten, Spat at in NY Subway

A transgender woman told how she was hit and spit on in a shocking assault while riding the New York subway.

Journalist Serena Daniari posted a heartbreaking video of herself crying after she was reportedly attacked by two people on the C train on Friday as she begged people to ‘just leave me alone’.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned the ‘loathsome, transphobic attack’ as police confirm they are looking for two people in connection with a transphobic assault.

In the clip, with tears streaming down her face, Ms Daniari says: ‘I swear I wish people would just leave me alone.

‘I don’t do anything. I just want to be left alone.’

Ms Daniari was reading a book with her headphones in when a man and a woman approached her.

The man said something but she couldn’t hear him, so she asked him if he could say it again.

When the man heard her voice, he spouted anti-trans slurs including: ‘You’re a guy,’ Buzzfeed News reports.

Ms Daniari said: ‘It only escalated to an aggressive situation after he realized I’m transgender.’

The man slapped her in the face and spit on her.

The woman knocked Ms Daniari’s phone out of her hand when she took a photo of them.

The police are now seeking two people in connection with the attack, and have released the picture Ms Daniari took.

In a tweet on Saturday, Mayor de Blasio apologized to Ms Daniari, a journalist at an online magazine.

He wrote: ‘Serena, on behalf of your city I’m so sorry this happened.

‘Transgender and non-binary New Yorkers deserve to travel in their city without fear.’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told NBC news: ‘On behalf of the New York family, my message to Serena Daniari is simple: We have zero tolerance for what happened to you.

‘We are sorry for what happened to you. We stand with you in love and respect, and we will catch your attackers and bring them to justice.’

Ms Daniari yesterday tweeted her thanks for ‘the outpouring of kind and supportive words’ following the attack.

Around 20 per cent of hate crimes are against LGBTQ people, according to FBI data.

There was a 34 per cent increase in violence against transgender people from 2017 to 2018.

More than 25 transgender or gender-nonconforming people in the US were killed in attacks last year.

Police have released a picture of two people who are ‘wanted for anti-transgender assault on the C train at 155 St and St. Nicholas on Friday 1/24.’

This comes after a spate of at of hate-crime attacks on public transport in New York.

Earlier this month, a woman hurled abuse at a Jewish woman and threatened to throw her on the subway tracks.

The suspect was seen in cellphone image taken by the 41-year-old victim on December 2 as they waited on the northbound platform at the Utica Avenue station about 6.30am.

‘You ‘f—–g Jew with a wig … I’m going to throw you on the tracks’, the woman is heard saying.

A 15-year-old boy was attacked at knife point on a New York bus.

He was approached by two assailants armed with a knife.

Police said they stole his earbuds and yarmulke before taunting him with anti-Semitic slurs.

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