Video: Ruby Packs on the PDA With Producer Waleed Mansour.. Have They Become an Item?

Over the past hours, footage of Egyptian producer Waleed Mansour packing on the PDA with his client, Egyptian singer Ruby, have gone viral on social media, prompting followers to speculate that the duo is romantically involved or that they have already got married.

Those rumors came after Ruby has strongly resumed her career throughout Waleed Mansour’s production company, as he decided to bring her back to the music scene by producing her new album Hetta Tania (In Another Place).

Ruby did not care to confirm or deny the rumors, while Waleed Mansour denied it altogether through his Facebook account.

He wrote: ‘Seriously, some people have become so sick to the point where they do strange things and photoshop pictures to unfortunately break news. I laugh so hard on those people because their sick brains have reached this level.’

Ruby hugs Waleed Mansour روبي وليد منصور

A close source to Ruby revealed that her silence is intentional, to attach her name to a man who strongly sought her return in order to harm her divorce, director Sameh Abdel Aziz, who announced about a month ago his engagement to young artist Nancy Salah, and they are now preparing for marriage.

سامح عبد العزيز ونانسي صلاح

The source added that Ruby’s silence is nothing but an affront to her ex-husband.

Ruby got married once to director Sameh Abdel Aziz, in February 2014, and they have one daughter together, “Taiba”. In October 2015, she announced their separation.

"Ruby hugs Waleed Mansour روبي وليد منصور"

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