Video: Rare Whale Spotted in Abu Dhabi Waters

A rare whale, about 12 meters long, was recently found in the waters of Abu Dhabi.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) said its team has monitored the rare Bryde’s whale in Abu Dhabi waters through marine surveys.

“Whale in the waters of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is an indicator of the health and quality of the emirate’s water,” EAD Abu Dhabi said to Khaleej Times on Tuesday.


“This comes as a result of the policies, procedures and administrative measures taken by the Agency to protect marine life.”

Officials added that Bryde’s whales are a species of baleen whale. The length of this type of whale usually ranges from 12 to 16 meters. It weighs from 12 to 22 tons.

“If, while at sea, anyone encounters a Bryde whale, they are urged to keep a safe distance from them,” officials urged residents.

EAD has called on the community to report any rare or abnormal cases of wildlife or environmental emergencies, through the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre at 800555.

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