Video: Post Malone Falls on Stage, Gets Heavily Injured

Rapper Post Malone is thanking his fans for the support after he fell on stage during a concert in St. Louis this weekend.

The 27-year-old artist posted a video on social media Sunday, explaining that he went to the hospital Saturday night because the fall through a hole in the stage “winded me pretty good.”

“Everything’s good. They gave me some pain meds,” he explained.

“So we can keep kicking ass on the tour.” He insisted he is feeling better and apologized for having to cut the show short, even though he performed several more songs after the mishap.

Malone told his fans he loved them, thanked them for his patience and promised that he would give St. Louis concertgoers an extra-long concert the next time he passed through town.

“Thanks for hanging around even though I got my ass kicked by myself,” he said.

The hole in the floor was to allow instruments to be lowered from one part of the stage to the other.

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