Video of 5-Year-Old Girl Giving a Priest High-fives Goes Viral on Social Media

Video of 5-Year-Old Girl Giving a Priest High-fives Goes Viral on Social Media

A priest could not stop laughing when a little girl saw him raise his hand to bless her – and mistakenly thought he wanted her to high-five him.

After reciting ‘our father’ and making the sign of the cross, the priest held his hand up over her head, but to his surprise, the five-year-old girl nonchalantly reached up and gave his hand a celebratory tap.

Charming footage shows the priest fight back laughter, covering his mouth with his hand as he tries to continue.

The person behind the camera can also be heard laughing, while the woman behind the girl – possibly her mother – shakes her head in disbelief as she tries to hold the girl’s arm.

The priest manages to compose himself briefly and continues with the blessing, interrupted occasionally with small bursts of laughter.

Once he has finished his blessing, he can be heard speaking with the woman as he sprinkles the girl with holy water from an aspergillum, and is heard saying ‘she said, give me a high-five, father’ in Spanish.

People online suggested that the adorable incident took place during mass, but it is unclear what the blessing was for.

Spanish language press have speculated that it was for a baptism, while the woman holding a candle could indicate it was a first communion.

The video has received over seven million views on TikTok and has been widely shared on other social media platforms since it was posted on Wednesday.

Many have reacted to the heartwarming video, noting the girl’s innocence at believing the father was asking her for a high five in the middle of the ceremony.

Basketball player Rex Chapman shared the video on Twitter with the caption ‘Father is saying a blessing. The innocence of a child. They’re trying not to laugh. Best thing you’ll see today…’

Another Twitter user joked ‘Rule number one of high fives: never leave someone hanging,’ while another wrote: ‘If you weren’t taught, at a young age, to give a high five to every open hand presented, then you weren’t raised right.’

Another had empathy for the priest’s efforts to hold in his laughter, saying: ‘Aint [sic] no laughter harder to hold in than laughter in the middle of a serious moment in church.’

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