Video: Mom Drives Her Kids’ Toy Car on a Busy Chinese Road

Video: Mom Drives Her Kids' Toy Car on a Busy Chinese Road

A Chinese mother has been caught on camera riding a toy car with her young child on a busy road – and even running a red light.

Social media footage captured the parent and her friend driving two plastic cars carrying the young boy on a crossroad with heavy traffic as pedestrians looked on.

The mother, known by her surname Gong, received a reprimand for her ‘thoughtless’ action from local police, who revealed the incident in a social media post on Wednesday.

On May 10, police received an anonymous tip from a web user who spotted two toy cars passing through a busy road in Huayuan county, Hunan province of southern China.

A video showed the parent riding in a blue toy car with her son while the woman’s friend driving another fake vehicle in pink as they run a red light at a zebra crossing.

Officers immediately started investigating the incident. They confiscated the play cars after spotting them at a local park on Tuesday. Ms Gong was summoned to the police station for questioning yesterday.

The mother said that she first bought a toy car online for her son to play with. She purchased a second one after other parents repeatedly asked to borrow the plaything for their children.

Ms Gong had been renting out the two plastic cars to the others for a fee at the local park, according to the police.

She said that she was on her way to the park with her son and a friend before the incident took place on Sunday.

The pair initially were pushing the toy cars from the back but decided to drive them to the destination instead ‘because it was more convenient’, the woman confessed to the police.

The officers said that they reprimanded the parent for her careless act and asked her to write a letter pledging to not repeating the mistake.

‘She wrote a letter promising that she would never take her and her son’s lives for granted,’ a police statement read. ‘Ms Gong has deeply recognised the mistake she made.’

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