Video: Man Dangles From 16th Floor of Trump Tower in Chicago, Says He Will Kill Himself if He Doesn’t Talk to The President

Video: Man Dangles From 16th Floor of Trump Tower in Chicago, Says He Will Kill Himself if He Doesn't Talk to The President

A man was seen dangling from a rope reportedly off the 16th floor balcony of Trump Tower in Chicago threatening to kill himself if he couldn’t talk to the president on Sunday evening.

Police were called to the scene at 5.27pm following reports of the man hanging off the building. By midnight the man was still hanging there.

The man was in his 20s and was hanging off climbing rope and a harness and was demanding to speak to Donald Trump or the media.

Photos and videos emerged on social media showing the figure scaling the tower in Chicago’s downtown as frightened onlookers peered down.

‘CPD, SWAT, and CFD personnel responded to the call of an unknown male threatening suicide and dangling from a rope on the 16th-floor balcony of a residential building/hotel,’ Chicago Police said to in a statement.

Police officers and firefighters were on the scene. Officers were seen on a terrace above the man, seemingly urging him to climb up, but he refused to move.

Police said the man threatened to kill himself and a negotiater was on the deck trying to get the man down.

A video began surfacing online purportedly showing the man, who had an Eastern European accent, saying he didn’t want to die but would cut the rope if he couldn’t speak with the president.

Due to the incident police have blocked off traffic around Trump Tower, which overlooks the Chicago River.

Trump is not in Chicago at the moment. The president attended a church service in Las Vegas Sunday morning and spoke at a rally in Carson City in the afternoon. has reached out to the Chicago Police Department for more information.

One Twitter user wrote: There is a dude hanging from the 16th floor of Trump Tower right now from a rope threatening to cut it if he doesn’t talk to Trump himself. Chicago is really upping the crazy levels tonight.’

Another person wrote: ‘There is a man dangling from Trump Tower in Chicago, demanding to speak to @realDonaldTRump or he’ll cut the rope.’

The incident comes one day after the United Steelworkers union projected the Biden Harris campaign logo on Trump Tower Saturday evening.

The union used their ‘bat light’ to shine the names of Trump’s opponent’s Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his VP pick Kamala Harris over Trump’s own name emblazoned on the skyscraper.

The $847million 98-story skyscraper that serves as a condo and hotel is 1,390 feet high and was completed in 2009.

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