Video: Golden Retriever Becomes as Social Media Celebrity Howling a White Christmas

An adorable dog was caught on camera delighting his owner by howling along to a rendition of White Christmas.

Hugo the Golden Retriever was filmed by his owner, known as Best Recipes UK on Twitter, at home in Whitley Bay.

The pooch sat in front of the television and ‘sang’ along to the Three Tenors’ operatic rendition of the popular festive tune against a backdrop of a perfectly decorated Christmas tree.

In the clip, Hugo runs towards the TV as the opera plays in the background before sitting down, throwing his head back howling loudly.

He eventually gets back to his feet and pads along the laminate floor as he wags his tail excitedly.

The Best Recipes account uploaded the clip alongside a caption that read: ‘Hugo is definitely in the Christmas spirit.

‘#dogsoftwitter #dogs #dogslife #ChristmasIsComing #WhiteChristmas.

And the social media post was met with soon met by overwhelming support for the singing sensation.

One wrote: ‘What an adorable mooing dog.’

Another simply added: ‘Awwww he is so cute!

And a third praised Hugo and his performance as ‘beautiful’.

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