Video: Crazy Man Punches His Dog After Running Out of His Florida Home!

Video: Crazy Man Punches His Dog After Running Out of His Florida Home!

A Florida man has had his dog taken away from him after he was caught on camera punching the cowering animal because it has ran away from the house.

The unidentified man was seen at Boynton Beach in video posted to Facebook on Sunday.

He walks away from the camera, with Adi, his Labrador-Pitbull mix, on a lead.

Aldi had escaped from their home and ran off, and the man, angered by the dog running away, drove up in his car, grabbed Adi, and marched the animal back towards his car.

Enraged, he then stops, and begins punching the cowering animal with a closed fist, and slapping Adi in the face.

Stacey Rybak, who shot the video on her phone, called 911 to report the incident.

‘To see a grown man punch a poor helpless dog – I was in shock,’ she said.

She said the man had hit the dog with far more violence when he first found her, and she was shocked to catch him on camera hitting the animal a second time, walking away.

‘What I got on video was not near as bad as the first time I wasn’t able to record,’ she said.

Boynton Beach Police are investigating and took Adi to a veterinarian to be checked, and are keeping her at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control until the investigation is completed.

An animal abuse investigator is going to the owner’s home for a welfare check on the other animals.

The man, tracked down by WPBF 25 News, said he regretted his actions.

‘I understand what I did was not right and I regret it and it’s a life lesson and the dog is not injured, the dog loves me to death and I love her to death, so it’s a situation I have to deal with,’ he said.

‘There’s no question I was wrong for what I did, but they didn’t understand the circumstances.

‘I have another dog and a parrot.

‘I know Adi wants to come home and be with us and my wife.’

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