Video: British Police Fights ‘Hate Crimes’ Through a Red Tomato

Video: British Police Fights 'Hate Crimes' Through a Red Tomato

It was meant as a woke joke about fruit and veg – but has brought police a virtual hail of rotten tomatoes.

‘A tomato walks into a bar, but leaves red-faced because it doesn’t want to identify as fruit or veg’ is the subject of a serious cartoon being used to fight discrimination.

Unfortunately, few of those who’ve watched the 80-second video appear to have seen the funny side – with more than 1,400 giving it a pasting.

The clip, posted on Twitter by Devon and Cornwall Police as part of a hate crime awareness campaign, portrays the ordeal of a ‘non-binary’ tomato during a night out at the Salad Bar.


It is shown being mocked by a broccoli bouncer at the door because there is no fruit or veg ‘gender’ marked on its ID card.

Once inside, it can’t choose between toilets marked ‘Fruit’ and ‘Veg’, and then sees a lemon spraying graffiti that says: ‘Tomatoes ain’t no fruit.’

When it calls the police, it is reassured by a blueberry officer with a rainbow badge on his helmet that ‘reporting makes a difference’.

Former officer Harry Miller, of the campaign group Fair Cop, said: ‘It is beyond absurd. This is why the public are losing respect for the police.

‘Police can’t say they don’t have time to attend burglaries, yet at the same time be championing the rights of tomatoes. They are serving a woke political agenda.’

The force said no public money was spent on the video, created by students, and it received positive feedback from the LGBTQ+ community.

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