Video: Actor Shady Khalaf Goes to Jail For Sexually Assaulting 7 Women

The Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced actor Shady Khalaf to 3 years in prison for harassing and attempting to rape 7 girls.

 The Public Prosecution had charged the accused with indecent assault, harassing and attempting to rape 7 girls while they were receiving acting courses in the workshop where he is studying.

The first court hearing in trial of the actor Shadi Khalaf kicked off in November 2021.

In June, a series of posts were published on Instagram by Actor Abd El-Rahman Magdy, revealing testimonies by women who were subject to sexual assaults by Shady.

All the testimonies agreed that Khalaf used his acting courses to commit his crime by convincing the victims to stay after the workshop for further practice.

In of his posts, Actor Abd El-Rahman called on women who still attend Khalaf’s acting courses to take care and speak up if they were victims too, promising to support them all to reveal the truth and send the perpetrator to court.

In July 2021, Egyptian House of Representatives gave a final approval to a draft law to toughen sexual harassment penalty so that it is treated before the law as a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

According to the new amendments, whoever is convicted of assaulting others in public or private places through sexual or pornographic gestures will be handed an imprisonment sentence ranging from two to four years.

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