Valentine’s Day-inspired light paintings created across Essex

Love and Valentine’s Day hearts have inspired a light painter to create a series of romantic scenes at locations across Essex.

Kevin Jay, 50, started light painting about five years ago when he wanted to use his photography skills after dark.

Based in Clacton-on-Sea, he used a light source to “paint” the images on the landscape and capture them on his camera using a slow shutter speed.

“The time it takes to create an image varies as it depends how much I have to draw and how many different tools and torches I use,” he said.

A light painting of red hearts and a white orb filled with hearts on Walton beach in EssexIMAGE SOURCE,KEVIN JAY
Image caption,

Mr Jay created this shot on a clear night on Walton-on-the-Naze beach

Jay added: “I use local beaches and landmarks because I know the area and conditions, especially when it comes to avoiding light pollution as I need dark areas without street lights.

“Light orbs are a favourite of mine so, if I can incorporate them into a shot, I will and filling one with hearts was a shot I really wanted to try and create.”

Figures painted out of light sitting in a shelter on Frinton beachIMAGE SOURCE,KEVIN JAY
Image caption,

A couple were added to a shelter on Frinton-on-Sea beach
Red heart light trail spills from the seahorse beach hut at Walton in Essex, painted by Norfolk-based artist Samuel ThomasIMAGE SOURCE,KEVIN JAY
Image caption,

“A little hut of love,” said Mr Jay, describing his work on the seahorse beach hut at Walton-on-the-Naze, painted by Norfolk-based artist Samuel Thomas
Light painter Kevin Jay standing against blue light patterns and a torch created in a heart shape that was used to create the heart light patternsIMAGE SOURCE,KEVIN JAY
Image caption,

Mr Jay said the images were mostly planned in advance and sometimes there was a need to make specific tools to create the light effects
Pink light painting character holding a heart on the end of a string on Frinton-on-Sea beach in EssexIMAGE SOURCE,KEVIN JAY
Image caption,

Keep your heart on a string: Mr Jay added this work to the beach in Frinton-on-Sea

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