Valentine’s Day Chocolate Shops and Patisseries in The ME

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, or at the least the scent of themed cakes and sweets. If you’re looking for a sweet gift for that special someone, consider heading to any of these Valentine’s Day chocolate shops and patisseries in the Middle East.

Chez Hilda Patisserie – Amman, Jordan

Chez Hilda Patisserie is a great place if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day chocolate shops and patisseries in Amman, Jordan.

Located in Swefieh Village, this family-run patisserie has been open since 1987 and has plenty of delicious Valentine’s-themed cakes and chocolates for sale.

Mirzam Chocolate – Dubai, UAE

Mirzam Chocolate north of Al Khail Mall in Dubai is on the expensive end but the Valentine’s Day gifts for sale here are worth it.

Mirzam offers beautifully wrapped chocolates, pastries and gift baskets all decked out with Valentine’s Day designs. It’s the place to go for anyone who really wants to impress their significant other on this day of love.

Laderach Chocolate Shop – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Laderach Chocolate Shop is a go-to for anyone looking for Valentine’s Day chocolate shops and patisseries in Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh.

Founded in 1962, this chocolate shop strives to bring the skill of Swiss chocolatiers to Riyadh. It has all sorts of chocolate candies for sale and the coffee sold here in addition makes it a great place for a Valentine’s Day outing.

Labelle Chocolate and Flowers – Muscat, Oman

Of the Valentine’s Day chocolate shops and patisseries in Oman, Labelle Chocolate and Flowers has a little bit of everything.

It has chocolate candy, cakes, coffee, Valentine’s Day themed sweets and even flowers. It’s a one-stop shop for Valentine’s Day in northern Oman.

Opera Patisserie – Doha, Qatar

Opera Patisserie, a Qatari-owned patisserie, is the one of the best Valentine’s Day chocolate shops and patisseries in Doha.

It has small sweets and chocolates for sale, but Opera Patisserie’s specialty is extravagant cakes. Whether it’s a cake themed for Valentine’s Day or anything else, Opera Patisserie cakes are made to impress.

The Chocolate Factory – Alexandria, Egypt

Next on this list of Valentine’s Day chocolate shops and patisseries we have The Chocolate Factory in Alexandria.

It’s a great shop for sweets and coffee but the cakes here certainly stand out. Whatever the holiday is, The Chocolate Factory will do themed cakes, and their Valentine’s Day cakes are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

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