‘Vaccine or jail?’: Duterte warns as COVID’s Delta variant surges

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to send people to prison for refusing to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, as the government placed the country’s border controls on “heightened alert” over new cases of the Delta variant.

“You can choose: you get the vaccine or I will send you to jail,” Duterte said in Tagalog during a pre-recorded address on Monday night.

The Philippines began its vaccination programme in March but there have been reports of low turnouts at several vaccination centres in the country, although people are also reportedly scrambling to get the limited supply of the Pfizer BioNtech jabs.

Admitting that he is growing exasperated by “these fools”, who refused to get vaccinated, Duterte then threatened to inject them “with shots intended for pigs”.

“You are all stubborn.”

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