US pledges $308 mln in humanitarian aid to Afghan people

The US announced over $300 million in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan on Monday, as the economic crisis continues to deepen following the chaotic withdrawal of American troops last summer.

Washington said it would send more than $308 million in humanitarian assistance for “the people of Afghanistan” in a statement from the White House.

The aid will bypass the Taliban, which has taken over Kabul but is not recognized by the international community, and provide “lifesaving protection and shelter, essential health care, winterization assistance,” National Security Council Spokesperson Emily Horne said.

The pledged aid comes shortly after the United Nations appealed to the international community, which has been reluctant to give any assistance to the Taliban-run government.

The US also said it was providing one million additional COVID-19 vaccines to Afghanistan, bringing the total number of jabs to 4.3 million.

“The United States is committed to supporting the Afghan people and we continue to consider all options available to us. We stand with the people of Afghanistan,” Horne said, notably omitting any mention of the Taliban or the government it controls.

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