US hits record 39,000 coronavirus cases in one day

  • The United States has seen a major resurgence in coronavirus cases as Texas, Florida and California all reported record increases.
  • Coronavirus hospitalisations and caseloads have reached new highs in more than half a dozen states in the US, with newly confirmed cases nationwide back near their peak level of two months ago.
  • The number of cases worldwide is expected to reach 10 million next week, the World Health Organization has said, warning that the virus has yet to peak in the Americas.
  • More than 9.4 million people around the world have been diagnosed with COVID-19, with over 4.7 million have recovered, and nearly 483,000 have died, according to Johns Hopkins University.

    Thursday, June 25

    08:40 GMT – India to survey 29 million New Delhi residents

    India says it will carry out a massive survey for the coronavirus targeting the entire population in New Delhi of 29 million.

    Officials will go each household to record each resident’s health details, and administer a test for the virus to those who show or report symptoms.

    08:16 GMT – Gulf coronavirus infections surpass 400,000, Reuters tally shows

    The number of novel coronavirus cases in the six Gulf Arab states has doubled in a month to over 400,000, as the region’s two biggest economies this week fully lifted curfews imposed to combat the infection.

    As of Wednesday evening, the tally in the energy producing region stood at 403,163 infections, with 2,346 deaths, according to a Reuters tally. It passed the 200,000 mark on May 27.

    07:25 GMT – Afghanistan uses green stimulus to hire lockdown jobless, boost Kabul’s water supply

    Zaker Hussain Zaheri was a cook in Afghanistan’s capital who lost his job in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Now, he digs trenches to capture rainwater and snowmelt on a mountain on the outskirts of Kabul, as the city grapples with both a water and health crisis.

    Lockdown measures to curb the spread of the disease have taken their toll on Afghanistan’s economy, so the government is employing more than 40,000 jobless workers to rehabilitate groundwater supplies for its fast-growing capital.

    07:05 GMT- US records largest yet daily coronavirus cases at nearly 39,000

    The United States has seen a major surge in coronavirus cases, weeks after many areas reopened their economies.

    Seven states, mainly in the south and west, and including Texas, California and Arizona, reported record increases on Wednesday with the nationwide tally rising by more than 38,600.

    Texas, Florida and California all reported record increases, with 7,100, 5,550 and 5,510 new cases, respectively, over the preceding 24 hours.

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