US grows impatient with Iran on nuclear deal talks: This cannot go on indefinitely

The US stressed that lack of clear progress in talks with Iran to revive the abandoned 2015 nuclear deal cannot “go on indefinitely,” State Department Ned Price said on Monday.

Price added that the negotiations in Vienna should resume as soon as possible. “The destination we seek is in Vienna, not an intermediate step in Brussels.”

Iranian officials had suggested a possible meeting in Brussels to discuss the nuclear deal, and said their lead nuclear negotiator, Ali Bagheri, would go to Brussels for discussions on Thursday.

However, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Monday that the EU will not hold talks to revive the abandoned 2015 nuclear deal in Brussels.

“We made clear to the Iranians that time is not on their side and its better to go back to the negotiations table quickly,” Borrell added.

The State Department spokesman said: “We are watching closely as the Iranians it seems form their own consensus as to what path they would like to choose.”

“We have been very clear, and we have been clear for some time now. This is not an exercise that can go on indefinitely… We have not seen actions to date that are all that comforting when it comes to what the Iranians might seek in the near term.”

“If diplomacy fails, we are prepared to turn to other options.”

The EU has been trying to restart negotiations to revive the Iran nuclear deal which was abandoned after former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the accord in 2018.

Negotiations over reviving the nuclear accord have stalled since the election of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in June.

Since taking office, Raisi appointed several other hardline officials to his cabinet in a move experts say is intended to pressure the US into making concession in the nuclear talks.

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