Unbelievable! A US Woman Buys 40 Lottery Tickets, Wins 40 Times

A Virginia woman who bought 40 identical tickets for the same lottery drawing ended up winning 40 times for a grand total of $108,000.

Faye Hurst of Norfolk told Virginia Lottery officials she chose the Pick 4 drawing’s 50/50 option, which meant half of her wager went toward matching the numbers in their exact order and the other half would pay out for the numbers in any order.

The 40 tickets Hurst bought from the 7-Eleven store in Norfolk matched the numbers from the Oct. 25 drawing: 2-5-8-2. Each ticket earned Hurst a $2,700 prize.

“It feels unreal,” Hurst said.

Hurst said she didn’t have to spend much time picking her numbers for the drawing.

“I just play the same numbers every day,” she said. “They are a special someone’s birthday.”

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