UN readies for more displaced Afghans after foreign troops leave

The United Nations is preparing for the expected displacement of more civilians in Afghanistan after troops belonging to the US and other nations leave the country in September, the global body’s refugee agency chief has told Reuters news agency.

Violence has been rising as foreign forces begin withdrawing and efforts to broker a peace settlement between the Afghan government and Taliban slow.

UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi pointed to a deadly attack last week on an international demining organisation in northern Afghanistan, which killed 10 people.

“This is a tragic indicator of the type of violence that may be resurfacing in Afghanistan and, with the withdrawal of the international troops, this is possibly or likely going to become worse,” Grandi said on Monday.

“Therefore we are doing contingency planning inside the country for further displacement, in the neighbouring countries in case people might cross borders,” he said, without offering details of those plans.

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