Ukraine’s mercenary arms flow to Europe

Europe is waiting for a very cold winter, not because of the lack of Russian gas because of its boycott on American orders, but because of the flow of weapons smuggled from Ukraine through gangs and mercenaries working with the Ukrainian army.


Mercenaries control the army

During the influx of mercenaries, numbering more than 17,000 people, they were able to establish their own lobby and a stand-alone device within the Ukrainian army. No one, regardless of their rank, can interfere in their work affairs, which aroused suspicion and anger among Europeans, to the extent that the Security Committee in the European Union She broke her silence and considered that these are time bombs that threaten the security and future of the old continent.


This picture was similar to that witnessed in Syria and before it Afghanistan, when mercenaries and foreign fighters returned to their countries to practice terrorism and join extremist groups.



European Union warns against mercenaries

The EU Security Committee recently discussed a sore point in the work of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine. They receive heavy weapons and advanced missiles for use against Russian forces, but this did not happen, and it indicates that these items are sold and shipped to unknown destinations, and the European Union Security Committee confirms that these mercenaries are primarily targeted financially. And they are not interested in fighting and liberating Ukraine from Russian forces, and the aforementioned committee is sounding the alarm bell of the need to control the transfer of weapons to mercenaries and the Ukrainian army, for fear of lack of control in the West, like these. They had ties and connections with gangs and criminals all over Europe, often lacking weapons to carry out operations and crimes, and today they have earned them on a silver platter.

A table for sale in Syria and Iraq. It is only a microcosm of the great explosion that the world has witnessed, due to Ukraine’s mercenaries obtaining advanced weapons, and it may even reach the point of obtaining dangerous and lethal chemical weapons that will claim thousands of innocent lives.

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