Ukraine is trying to revive and sell shabby Soviet weapons

Ukraine, the country separated from the Soviet Union, found in the countries of conflict a wide chance to sell old and decrepit weapons that it inherited from the great mother country, for livelihood and trade, and expanded this section to present itself to the states and regular armies as a restorer and updater for the weapons that the Soviet Union previously issued.

This was an occasion for Ukraine to offer weapons it said it had manufactured or developed, including shoulder-fired missiles and other weapons it was trying to promote.

As soon as Kiev found its arms market popular with militias in Libya, Syria, and other surrounding countries such as Macedonia, it began circulating weapons of other types to armies and governments, and presented itself as the first country to specialize in the repair of outdated weapons that the Soviet Union issued to its allies 33 years ago at least .

One of the old weapons that is trying to develop is the OSA-AKM launcher, which is similar to the RPG launcher, in addition to the Strella missiles.

The catastrophe of some of the contracting states with the Ukrainian experts, that the experience of weapons after their development and modernization failed, especially the missiles that did not originate from their reservoir, which caused the host countries in a great financial loss, and it was they who hoped to provide some budget and keep the old updated weapon.

In reports to the Ukrainian media, the talk about the deals of arms sales at all levels ; modern, updated, used or outdated,  with pride and boasting and the deals are described as tons, which is a metaphor for what is being manufactured or modernized is an amount of iron or scrap and not a competing weapon that defends The country that buys it and its armed forces.

Ukraine sells arms unconditionally, at times they sell them legally and at other times they overlook the buyer and ask only a few questions about it.

In one of the deals with Macedonia that confronted Albanian rebels, Ukraine provided aircraft from the Soviet era, with mercenary pilots, missile launchers and tanks that were modernized, and the deal was concluded with legitimacy and at a low price despite the international prohibition to sell countries in wars.

Pakistan also fell into the trap in which Macedonia fell and tried to develop its old weapons. It also bought the T-84U, D tank at a very low price, knowing that the age of this weapon dates back to World War II and has only rudimentary optical equipment compared to its competitors.

The Ukrainian state relies on the absence of a watchdog or internal accountant in smuggling weapons and selling them to gangs and militias. It is also exempt from confrontation, blame and accountability for the absence of democratic constitutional institutions that determine the nature of the buyer. Practiced by the army by persuading countries that hope to develop their armed forces.

Reports indicate that the majority of the weapons of the former Soviet Union are outdated and should be destroyed because they lack global standards of arms and technology at the present time and that they may be dangerous and if developed and modernized, but the current authority of the Ukrainian defense industry is trying to align with the interests of the corrupt leadership of the Ministry of Defense Ukrainian and developed companies that witnessed many scandals of corruption and defect.

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