Ukraine is bypassing the world with a miserable initiative


The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry ordered its embassies, diplomats and media to promote the initiative of what has become known as the “Crimean Platform” PLATROFM after President Volodymyr Zelensky failed to obtain the global response after his attempt to promote it from the UN platform last September.

The platform, which the United States and Israel hastened to support, improves the image of Ukraine in the world and builds bridges of political relations with Western countries, in particular, with even a small amount of confidence in Kiev’s domestic and foreign policy.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuliba, announced that the “Crimean International Platform” activities will be held next May, and called on world political and economic leaders, businessmen, foreign, defense and finance ministers to form the core of that platform.

The orders that were issued included working on the embassy’s exploitation of the conditions in every country in which it is present, and in particular, the economic crises and the attempt to promote Ukrainian goods and products at preferential prices, such as sending Ukrainian wheat, and several countries including Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey returned it to its source before it was stored in silos. In addition to providing alleged Ukrainian military and technical expertise to other countries to develop their weapons, forces and armies.

In exchange for these services, Kiev wanted the countries of the world to join the Crimean platform, this platform incites the world to stop the Russian development of the island under the banner of interest in it, noting that sources and reports confirmed that the Kiev government was the one who cut off water and electricity on the aforementioned island besides disrupting the infrastructure, After the pipes were blown up, at a time when the Ukrainian security services were launching a campaign of arrests and the disappearance of hundreds of residents, intimidating them and preventing them from performing the rituals of worship and threatening to close education centers and hospitals due to the popular desire to remain under the supervision of the Russian authorities.

No country seems to have a far-sighted interest in the claims of the president or his foreign minister, so that it is not in their interest to join that platform that seeks to internationalize an internal issue, in exchange for rotten wheat, failed experiences, poor industries, or temptations to send Ukrainian tourists to those countries, and it may be The price also disrupted relations with, Moscow, the active country that closed this file and put an end to other countries from showing their ambitions.

One of the proofs that the Ukrainian step is political, is Turkey’s encouragement of the Kiev move, given that the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which encourages and incites Zelensky’s demands, intends to present claims to Russia for ownership of the lands of the Crimean Peninsula. And seizing it under the pretext of that island’s affiliation to the “Ottoman Empire”, so how does Erdogan encourage Kiev to regain control of Crimea and then submit a request to take it?

It is certain that the Ukrainian state is playing today in lost time after it received dozens of goals in the original time, and it came in a weak and weak initiative after it settled matters completely to its disadvantage, and it became clear that its goal is political and not human or popular, how not, and it is seeking to internationalize the issue Which basically ended after its government and security apparatus wreaked havoc for previous years on the island.

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