UK sends cricket star Ian Botham to bat for British exports in Australia

Britain appointed former England cricket star Ian Botham as a trade ambassador to seek new deals for exporters in the country he most famously tangled with on the pitch — Australia.

Botham, now a member of Britain’s unelected upper house of parliament, was one of 10 new trade envoys who will help push Britain’s post-Brexit plans in countries around the world.

“Ian will bat for US business Down Under and help them seize the opportunities created by our historic trade deal,” Britain’s trade minister, Liz Truss, said on Twitter.

Britain and Australia announced a free trade deal in June which London said would eliminate tariffs on all British goods.

Botham famously turned around a test match against Australia in 1981 with a spectacular batting display that made him a hero at home, and even won respect from Australians too.

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