UK PM Boris Johnson confuses India’s farmer protest with Pakistan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was slammed on social media on Wednesday after implying India’s farmers’ protest against new laws was an issue between New Delhi and its neighbouring longtime foe Pakistan.

During question period in the United Kingdom’s parliament, member of Parliament Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi said “water cannon, tear gas and brute force” was being used against the Indian protesters and questioned the British government’s position on the months-long demonstrations.

“Will the prime minister convey to the Indian prime minister our heartfelt anxieties and our hopes for a speedy resolution to the current deadlock, and does he agree that everyone has a fundamental right to peaceful protest?” Singh asked.

Johnson responded: “Our view is the right honourable gentleman knows well is that of course, we have serious concerns about what is happening between India and Pakistan.

“But these are pre-eminently matters between those two governments to settle, and I know he appreciates this point,” Johnson added.

Shortly after his comments, Twitter users mocked him for his confusing statement with British member of Parliament Afzal Khan calling it “a new low even for Boris Johnson”.

“The issue has nothing to do with India and Pakistan. Incredible,” Khan said.

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