UAE: Woman Awarded $19,000 Payout For ‘Insult’

UAE: Woman Awarded $19,000 Payout For 'Insult'

An Asian woman has been awarded Dh70,000 in damages after her son was assaulted and insulted by the son of an Arab man. The Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court has ordered the Arab man to pay the compensation.

As per court records, the case unfolded when the woman lodged a complaint with the RAK Police against the son of the Arab man.

The case was referred to the public prosecution and then to the RAK Misdemeanour Court which found the Arab man’s son guilty of the charges of assault and insult.

As per the medical report, the victim sustained a fracture and deformity in his nose.

The Misdemeanour Court slapped the assaulter with a fine of Dh5,000, and referred the civil case to the court concerned. The court noted that the ruling was final and irreversible since the son had been found guilty.

The case was referred to the RAK Civil Court which, based on Article 282 of the civil transactions law, ordered the father of the assaulter to pay Dh70,000 as compensation to the Asian woman against the damage and loss her son suffered.

The court averred that the father is the guardian of the assaulter, and hence has to pay the damages, along with court charges and lawyer fees.

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