UAE Pupils Need to Fully Pay Tuition Fees For School

UAE Pupils Need to Fully Pay Tuition Fees For School

Students will need to pay tuition fees in full, regardless of the mode of attendance and reopening model followed by the school, according to a new set of guidelines issued by Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) on Monday.

The 21-page document, viewed by Khaleej Times, outlined an extensive list of guidelines for parents preparing their children for the new school term, after Covid-19 restrictions shut educational facilities across the country in March.

Parents can choose to continue with the distance learning option for their kids for the next term or allow them to attend school in person.

Schools will reopen with either one model or a combination of models, such as full day, half day, alternating days, alternating weeks, or a hybrid of the above.

Regardless of the mode of attendance or educational model followed, however, the full tuition fee will apply to all students.

The guidelines further stated that schools will not be able to reduce bus fees, despite the possible reduction in the number of days students physically attend classes, due to the capacity utilisation reduction of buses – which will need to operate at 50 per cent, in keeping with health and safety protocols.

Parents facing financial constraints are encouraged to reach out to their school’s principal for support.

The guidelines also noted that if parents choose not to enrol their children in a school, and opt to homeschool them instead, they undertake the risk that their children will need to repeat the grade once they are back in the system.

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