UAE Police Arrest Two for Posting Indecent Video on Snapchat

The Federal Public Prosecution has ordered the arrest of a couple- a man and a woman, for sharing a video online that violates public decency.

Prosecutors said on Twitter that the duo had published a clip on social media that included actions and words affecting public morals in the society, which violated online laws.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation had submitted a report to the state attorney general after they monitored the clip circulating on social media. Their investigations led to the identification of the posters and their social media accounts on Snapchat.

The attorney general then instructed that legal action be taken against the offenders. Prosecutors are carrying out further investigations before the accused are referred to court.

The UAE’s laws guarantee the protection of public morals and traditions that characterise the society, the attorney general explained. As a result, violators may face strict penalties.

People have been urged to use social media in a positive, constructive and responsible manner to avoid breaking the law.

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