UAE Driver to Pay Man $40,838 After Causing him Permanent Disability

A grocery delivery man, who suffered a permanent disability in his left leg when a car knocked him down, has been awarded Dh150,000 in compensation for injuries.

The Abu Dhabi Appeals Court upheld an earlier decision by a lower court which ordered the driver of the car, and his insurance company, to compensate the Asian worker.

Official court documents stated that the man was delivering groceries to customers on his bicycle in Abu Dhabi when the car accidentally hit him. He fell on the ground and sustained serious injuries and fractures to his left leg.

A medical report said the man had suffered a permanent disability of up to 45 per cent in the lower part of left leg as a result of injuries from the accident. Doctors said the man could no longer perform his duties of delivering products as he could not ride a bike.

According to the police, the accident took place due to the driver’s negligence. The traffic court had earlier convicted the driver of causing the accident.

The worker then filed a lawsuit against the driver and his insurance company demanding Dh200,000 in compensation for moral, physical and material damages.

He said he suffered fractures in both legs and it was fixed with the help of metal screws. In addition, he sustained wounds on the left and right foot that were treated with surgical sutures. The worker said he had undergone several surgeries and treatments that cost him a lot of money.

The Civil Court of First Instance had earlier told the insurance firm and the driver to pay him Dh120,000 in damages.

Both the insurance company and the delivery worker challenged the sentence. The insurance firm had asked court to reduce the compensation payout to Dh45,000 which was rejected by court.

The judge has instead increased the amount to be paid to the worker to Dh150,000 in addition to paying the legal costs.

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