UAE Court Sentences Man For Stealing From His Grandma

A young Arab man and his friend have stood trial at the Ras Al Khaimah Civil Court on charges of stealing Dh150,000 in cash and Dh60,000 worth of jewellery — from his grandmother.

UAE Court records show the elderly reported the robbery incident to the police, believing that some ‘gangsters’ were behind the crime. “They have also stolen my passport, mobile phone, birth certificate, ID, and the passport of my son,” she told the cops.

The Ras Al Khaimah Police launched an investigation and tracked down the suspects, who turned out to be the plaintiff’s grandson and his friend.

The robbery happened after the young man borrowed Dh2,000 from his grandmother to pay off some debt and settle a case reportedly filed against him.

The duo were caught with the missing jewellery and cash stashed in the first defendant’s car and inside a hotel in the emirate.

The elderly woman’s handbag, identification papers, and mobile phone were also found in her grandson’s car, where a box of liquor was spotted, too.

The defendant admitted to the crime, saying he stole the items when his grandmother was not home. “I put everything (whatever he robbed) in a bag and drove my car with a friend to a local hotel, where I kept the jewels in a safe.”

His friend, however, denied any role in the robbery, claiming that the defendant told him he took the money and jewels from his grandmother with her consent.

The civil court ordered that the money found with the grandson and his friend be returned.

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