UAE Court Sentences a Man For Setting a Neighbor’s Flat on Fire

Ajman criminal court has sentenced a 34-year-old man of Arab origin to three months in prison and imposed a fine of Dh5,000 for intentionally setting his neighbour’s apartment on fire.

The accused has been convicted for endangering the life of his neighbour, an Arab woman, as he had indulged in arson, which damaged a door of her apartment.

The woman lodged a complaint at Madinah Comprehensive Police Station in Ajman. She accused her neighbour of throwing stones and burning firecrackers on the balcony that destroyed one of the doors of her apartment.

Initially, a police patrol visited her apartment and found burnt clothes, ashes and stones on the balcony.

Later, the accused was arrested on the basis of the evidence.

He confessed to indulging in arson. A search of the accused’s apartment led to the seizure of petrol cans, a screwdriver, cotton wools and a drilling machine.

He said he indulged in arson because he was annoyed with his neighbour’s behaviour of constant banging on the common wall that separated both their apartments.

He argued that he decided to take up the law in his own hands, as his nine previous complaints against her inappropriate behaviour fell on the police’s deaf ears.

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