Two Naked Skiers Caught on The Scotland Mounts!

A pair of naked skiers were caught on camera up a 4,000ft mountain on a -2C winter morning.

George Robertson, 64, was rambling a remote mountaintop on Cairn Gorm, a peak in the Grampian Mountains in the Highlands of Scotland, hoping to snap wild hares when he captured more than he’d bargained for.

The retired father-of-three spotted a nude man and woman through his camera lens on Saturday as they clutched skis atop the snow-capped peak.

Mr Robertson verified his find through a pair of bird watching binoculars.

He said it was unusually warm that day, melting the snow and attracting lots of walkers.

Mr Robertson was with four other nature photographers and believes they were clearly visible to the nudist pair, but he claims the couple seemed unperturbed about being observed.

‘There was a group of five of us out taking wildlife photographs and we stumbled across these two naked skiers about 100 meters from the summit,’ he said.

‘It was quite a busy day because the weather was warm. I have walked in the Scottish mountains for close to 50 years and I haven’t come across that before.

‘It was just disbelief at first because I was looking through the camera, scouring the horizon and there was a couple standing there with no clothes on. So it was just shock and disbelief, and then we carried on looking for wildlife.

‘They could obviously see other people were on the mountain because we were clearly in their line of sight but they just carried on doing what they were doing, and then dressed and skied off.

‘I wasn’t offended by it but I just thought it was a bit odd looking like that hundreds of metres up a mountain with snow on the ground. I thought the images were quite amusing at the time: just people running about in the snow with just bobble hats on and a pair of skis in their hands.’

It is not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales but it does become a crime if a complainant can prove the nudist’s intention was to offend and shock.

In Scotland, it is just a common law offence and the test is whether a member of the public has been alarmed or disturbed by the public nakedness.

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