TV Presenter Mohammed Sal is Reflecting on His Personal Life During Self-Isolation

TV Presenter Mohammed Sal is Reflecting on His Personal Life During Self-Isolation

People across the world are staying at home in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19. 

We catch up with our favorite stars who answer a quickfire round of questions about their time in self-isolation. TV presenter Mohammed Sal has been treating his 2.2 million Instagram followers to a host of videos of his time at home, but what else has the star been getting up to?

How has self-isolation been for you so far?
To be honest, for someone like me who was always on the move, self-isolation is challenging mainly because I was traveling and interacting with people on a weekly basis. I believe social distancing should not be a problem in the short term, hoping that this pandemic does not extend any further. I am happy to have some personal time for myself to reflect on my personal life and the journey I’ve had so far.

What’s the biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge I have encountered so far is trying to maintain consistency in being positive while the whole world fights this pandemic. Up until now, I feel as though I am succeeding in keeping this positive mentality going.

What is something positive that has happened due to self-isolation in your life?
I learned how to enjoy even the simplest things, even if I can’t go to the beach or go to the see my friends or travel. I truly believe the I have succeeded in finding comfort and fun in doing basic activities at home.

What are you currently watching?
I am currently watching “Mr. Robot” and “Alice Grace” and they have both helped me keep my mind off things.

Are you trying anything new in the kitchen or around the home?
I am cooking something new every day, but within my capabilities – not a big expert here! I have cooked a new pasta which I call “the Corona pasta,” given our current global situation, I felt like the name would fit the occasion.

How are you keeping sane as you stay home?
By keeping myself distracted as best as I can through a mixture of reading and watching new content That I did not know about or didn’t have time to watch before. They are both easy ways of learning, keeping us entertained and our imagination flowing.

How are you keeping fit?
I’ve been keeping myself fit since the beginning of isolation where I only consume one meal per day, the baggy snacks which is most of the time consisting of fruits. When I wake up in the morning, before I do anything at all, I work out to the best of my capabilities and after that I celebrate with a glass or two of water.

How are you staying “social”?

I am staying social by using Zoom and Snapchat Video Call to keep in touch with friends and family.

Any tips for bored readers?
I like working on small things that take a lot of time during self-isolation. I have personally started planting by growing different vegetables — onions, tomatoes, green pepper and strawberries. This way, I can monitor their growth quality, wash them, then make a healthy meal or two out of them. This really helps me to have various small tasks to achieve during my day and help keep my responsibilities in check.

In self-isolation, are you relaxed or do you feel the need to be extra productive?
I’m definitely one of the “I’ve got to learn something new” type. I’m currently learning how to fly a Race Drone. I ordered a new music instrument, an oud, so I can learn how to play. Most importantly, I started enjoying my morning by waking up early, feeding my cats, having coffee in the sun on my balcony then starting my day with the above-mentioned little tasks.

How are you keeping your Instagram followers entertained during this time?
I started creating daily content, logging my everyday life during the stay at home period. Sometimes I buy things online, review them and incorporate them into my activities or tasks. Before quarantine started, I had traveled to Indonesia, Vietnam and India so I have a lot of content that I can edit and post for my audience to enjoy.

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