Turkish national carrier to change name to ‘Türkiye’ airlines

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the Turkish national carrier will rebrand as “Türkiye Hava Yolları” instead of “Turkish Airlines” as part of a push for his country to be known internationally as “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey”.

Earlier this month, Ankara sent a letter to the United Nations, formally registering the country’s name as “Türkiye” – as it is spelled and pronounced in Turkish. The country called itself “Türkiye” in 1923 after its declaration of independence.

Erdogan’s government said on Tuesday the name “Türkiye” better represents Turkish culture and values. Some observers say the move is part of an effort to dissociate its name from the bird, the turkey.

“Turkey no longer exists. It is Türkiye,” Erdogan said during a ceremony marking the launch of a new communications satellite.

Erdogan continued, “Türkiye Hava Yolları will be inscribed on the bodies of our planes instead of Turkish Airlines.”

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