Turkey’s Firefighter! İbrahim Çelikkol Helps Extinguish Fire in Bodrum (Video)

Responding to the ongoing fire in Bodrum continues.

Celebrities were also involved in the teams fighting to put the fire off.

Turkish actor İbrahim Çelikkol also participated in the extinguishing efforts.

Footage of famous actor İbrahim Çelikkol left their mark on social media, as he was wearing a firefighting suit and holding a fire extinguisher hose in the middle of the fire in Bodrum, Turkey.

İbrahim Çelikkol’s images didn’t only go viral on social media, as the star’s name was the most searched on Google Turkey with more than 100k searches.

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İbrahim Çelikkol, who was on vacation with his family, stood by the team who responded to the fire to stop it from spreading and reaching other areas.

The famous actor joined the fire department in Marmaris for help.

The fire in the forest area in Milas reaches threatening proportions, especially since it was advancing towards the thermal power plant in Ören.


Images and videos of İbrahim, who struggled with the flames exceeding his height by taking the hose on his back, left a mark on social media.

Singer Mustafa Sandal shared the images of İbrahim Çelikkol that reached him from the forest fire in Milas, Muğla, on his Instagram account.

Sandal shared, “I am in Göcek and the roads are closed, I do not have a chance to reach the scene. My dear brothers Onur Yılmaz and İbrahim Çelikkol are working voluntarily at the fire site in Marmaris. I share the videos and messages they sent me with you exactly. The fire approached the thermal power plant and said that the situation was serious. I request the authorities to take over the incident immediately,”

İbrahim Çelikkol is the star of Once Upon a Time in Çukurova, one of ATV ‘s popular and most watched TV series.

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