Turkey sacrifices foreign fighters recruited by a special corps to defend its interests

With the Turkish regime’s attempt to expand through many arenas and interfere in the internal affairs and special policies of those countries that suffer from wars and security, political and economic problems, they are losing dozens of their important soldiers, forces and experts, and they are looking for solutions to avoid embarrassment and popular protests against the regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party and Dominant rulingThe solution by which the Erdogan mentality has crystallized is the sacrifice of non-Turkish citizens in defense of its interests and the dedication of its intervention abroad, thus the Turkish leadership maintains its interference and penetration in the ocean and beyond, without clashing with the Turkish people in the event that any of these soldiers are killed.


Therefore, the next Turkish step is to establish a military corps affiliated with the Turkish army, whose strength is not Turkish, specifically the Syrians, Azeris, Somalis, Tunisians, Libyans and other nationalities that could be drawn into this corps, which Ankara will join to the line of defense or the first attack in its battles outside the borders.


The Turkish idea is based on the base of (Turkey first), which is the base established by the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who in turn was also thinking about wars across distant fronts under the pretext of achieving peace..
Erdogan embodies the same idea, but he is leading it according to the requirements of the conditions in the countries in which he interferes, and he uses the loyalty of the Turks to the ideas and principles of Mustafa Ataturk to promote his idea bypassing human rights and accusing him of participating in war crimes, murder and destruction.


French ideaThis idea seems to have been robbed by the Turkish president from France, which founded a similar corps before the last century to wage its wars on its colonies, and the French legion that is still operating to this day is known as the Légion étrangère, established in 1831. Its strength of foreigners led and supervised by French officers, and today ” The Corps”, it is known as an elite military unit, focuses on training in conventional military skills.


The French Foreign Legion was used to fight the enemies of France, especially in Algeria and the rest of the North African countries, and thousands of them were later killed, as they were used to suppress protests that opposed the French interior policy.



Erdogan will follow the same track, armed with the idea of ​​Turkey first, and he will send this corps to the north of Syria after dismantling the disputed organizations with the countries of the world, as well as to Azerbaijan, Libya, Iraq and Somalia, countries that have begun to walk on the path of peace and security and military calm to some extent. And he will sacrifice the lives of these people, while being  outside international condemnation or the political game and away of being accused of interfering, aggravating situations, or a coup in those countries.


It is clear that Erdogan has started with a scenario to ensure the success of this absurd idea after he organized thousands of Syrian and Somali mercenaries into armed battalions and began to roam the world with them, beginning with Libya, then Azerbaijan and Somalia, knowing that the background of these terrorist and extremist organizations are included in the lists of global terrorism, especially in US and Europe.


In sum, the number of Syrian victims, including children, has reached between 600 and 700 killed in about two years, while the number of Syrian victims in Nagorno Qarakh was about (1000) killed during a war that lasted only two months, knowing that the majority of the dead were from (Syrian Turkmen ) Who were recruited by Turkey into loyal factions, such as Sultan Murad, the Hamzat Division, and the Samarkand Brigade. The Syrians were thrown onto the battlefield in large numbers without sufficient advance preparation. At a time when the torn bodies were scattered over, because they lacked mounds, trenches and adequate protections … As the Turks resorted to the tactic of relying on the density of the human element in the attacks on the Armenian sites

The war that Erdogan wants for these people will not be easier than the wars they have fought, and the number of dead, wounded and missing will not be less. Rather, the numbers will double, especially as the international community will confront this phenomenon that the first breeder of terror and extremism cells finds, and the mercenary fighter will be the biggest loser and will not find anyone looking On his behalf or protesting his death and loss.

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