Turkey: Good Samaritan Helps Paralyzed Puppy Walk Again

A good Samaritan schoolteacher in Turkey helped a paralyzed puppy walk again.

Murat Peker, the principal of a middle school in Turkey’s northern province of Corum, made wheels using water pipes for the puppy that work as his hind legs.

He said he found the puppy crawling on his front legs on the streets and took it home.

He searched online for prosthetic legs to help the puppy walk, but realized they were way out of his budget.

So, he got down to work using whatever material he could find easily.

Peker says he is happy to see Umut, which means hope in Turkish, walk again.

“It means the world to me to see Umut walking like other dogs.”

He said he cares for stray animals at a shelter in the Kargi district and would be overjoyed if funds are raised for prosthetic legs to get Umut a leg-up.

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