‘Trumpkins’ Hits The Social Media Turning Halloween Pumpkins to Look-alike Trump

'Trumpkins' Hits The Social Media Turning Halloween Pumpkins to Look-alike Trump

As Hallowe’en approaches, there are few things that scare Joe Biden supporters more than the prospect of President Donald Trump being re-elected in November.

And this year people have once again taken carving the President’s face into Jack-o-lanterns to celebrate the spooky holiday.

Social media users have repeated the trend that appeared in 2016 when Trump first ran for the presidency.

People from across the US and even in the UK have posted pictures of intricately carved pumpkins, decorated to look like the 45th President.

Many anti-Trump social media users have joked comparing the pumpkins colour to Donald Trump’s own famously orange complexion.

People have been using everything from creative carving and paint to wigs and globs of shredded pumpkin pulp to get the perfect likeness of the man in the White House.

Some have added ties and hats with ‘Make Halloween Great Again’ written on top to perfect the likeness.

Others have used bits of straw in place of the President’s infamous hair, stuck cut out pictures in place of his eyes and mouth, or even been left outside to rot in one case.

One of Trumpkins posted online shows the President vomiting out pumpkin seeds and flesh in a grotesque display.

Another depicts Tump being injected with medication for Covid-19 while being surrounded by smaller pumpkins shaped to look like the coronavirus.

Twitter user John West shared a poem online to help explain the Trumpkin craze.

He wrote: ‘Definition: “Trumpkin”. It’s orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, and should be thrown out in November.’

Another user said: ‘I am absolutely carving a Donald Trumpkin this year. It’ll be the scariest thing in our display, and we already have a flayed dismembered head.’

Instagram creator GardenCoach wrote: ‘Trumpkin! My first try, wanted a better hairdo but hey so does he.’

Another wrote: ‘What do you call Halloween pumpkin that is as orange as Trump’s face and is promising to make Halloween great again? You call it a Trumpkin!’

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