Trump campaigns in swing state Arizona: US election news

Donald Trump and Kamala Harris on Wednesday both campaigned in Arizona, a state where Joe Biden maintains a small lead.

  • Biden addressed the coronavirus pandemic, a subject that has been central to his campaign and closing argument amid a spike in new US cases.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell described the chances of Republicans holding the chamber as a ’50-50 proposition’.
  • With six days until the election, more than 71 million US citizens have cast ballots in early voting. That is more than half of all ballots counted in 2016.

    Private plane intercepted by US military over Trump rally

    A US fighter jet intercepted a plane flying in restricted airspace near President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Bullhead City, Arizona, in an overhead event that briefly distracted the president and a crowd of supporters, news outlet reported.

    “Wow. That plane is about four days old. We have all brand new equipment, F-35s, everything. We’re the envy of the world,” Trump said to cheers. “You know what? We are the envy — do you know about that Dan? Look at that sucker. He’s trying to show off to the president. Yeah, that’s one of ours.”

    The North American Aerospace Defense Command posted on Twitter that it sent an F-16 to investigate “a general aviation aircraft that was not in communication” with air-traffic controllers as it neared Bullhead City.

    Kamala Harris campaigns opposite Trump in Phoenix

    Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris met with African American leaders in Phoenix, Latina business owners in Tucson and held two drive-in rallies.

    Speaking about violent protests against police brutality in Philadelphia following the killing of Walter Wallace, a Black man, Harris said Joe Biden would work to address issues confronting minorities.

    “Part of the reason that people are marching in the streets is that there has not been the level of attention, especially recently over the last few years, that is necessary from the president of the United States. And Joe’s committed to that,” Harris told reporters, according to the news outlet

    Harris and presidential candidate Joe Biden are trying to flip Arizona, which Trump won in 2016.

    “Donald Trump failed. He failed us,” Harris said at a drive-in rally in Pima county, criticizing Trump’s decision to downplay the seriousness of the virus attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

    Vice President Mike Pence campaigns in Michigan

    “We have got to make sure Michigan comes through,” Pence said at an airport rally in Flint, Michigan.

    Trump and Pence won Michigan in 2016 but are trailing in public opinion surveys there now.

    “We need you to vote Michigan. Got to re-elect President Trump to the White House,” Pence said.

    “You guys need to go get it done,” he said.

    More than 2.3 million have already voted in Michigan, according to the US Election Project’s tracking data. Biden and Trump are competing fo Michigan’s 16 votes in the Electoral College where a 270-vote majority is required to win.

    Brexit champion Nigel Farage campaigns with Trump in Arizona

    UK politician Nigel Farage appeared on stage with President Donald Trump as he campaigned for re-election in Arizona, a key US swing state.

    “I gotta say four years ago I was honored to come to America…” said Farage, who led the political drive in Britain to withdraw from the European Union.

    In 2016, Trump “beat the pollsters. He beat all the predictions. And here’s the worst bit, they’ve never forgiven him for it,” Farage said.

    Republican Senate candidate McSally appeals for votes with Trump in Arizona

    Republican US Senate candidate Martha McSally appeared on stage with President Donald Trump to appeal for votes at a campaign rally in Arizona.

    “Everything is on the line and my race is about the Senate majority,” said McSally, who trails her Democratic challenger Mark Kelly in polls.

    “We’ve got to bring it home Arizona. My race will decide the direction of the country. The radical left can take over in the Senate,” McSally said.

    “So if you want someone who’s going to be Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer’s fifty-first vote to take away our freedoms and our Second Amendment rights … then you got a guy named Mark Kelly,” she said.

    “But if you want a fighter, if you want to continue to have a fighter who is proud to work with President Trump for the great comeback and strong military and secure our borders … I’m your girl Arizona.”

    Trump slams ‘Anonymous’ op-ed author, says should be prosecuted

    President Donald Trump, campaigning in Arizona, called a former Department of Homeland Security official who wrote ‘anonymous” reports from inside the Trump administration a “low-life” who “should be prosecuted”.

    Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland security, has acknowledged he authored a 2018 Op-Ed in The New York Times condemning Trump.

    Taylor also anonymously authored a book, called “A Warning”, which portrayed the president as “undisciplined”, “amoral” and a threat to democracy.

    Taylor is now a regular critic of the president on CNN and Twitter.

    Biden, in LGBTQ interview, vows to pass equality bill in first 100 days

    Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promised to make passing equal rights legislation for LGBTQ people a top priority in the first 100 days of his administration should he win Tuesday’s election.

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