True or False: Brazilian Sex Expert Reconstructs Her Hymen to Sell her ‘Virginity’

True or False: Brazilian Sex Expert Reconstructs Her Hymen to Sell her 'Virginity'

A Brazilian sex expert claims to have had her hymen reconstructed so she could auction off her virginity.

Ana Otani, 26, runs an adult content subscription service as well as a YouTube channel called Segredos de Ana where she gives tips on sex.

Her friend Diego Aguiar, 34, made the controversial announcement to his 1.4 million Instagram followers on the weekend.

He said: ‘Japa, my friend, had an operation to reconstruct her hymen. In other words, she is a virgin again.

‘She is the only experienced virgin in the world, and we will shortly be raffling this virginity.

‘It will be the first ever virginity raffle, and you can apply with a very, very small amount, because I want everyone to have the opportunity to have a Japanese virgin in their life.’

It is not clear whether Otani has undergone hymenoplasty surgery, a cosmetic procedure that temporarily restores the hymen.

The video has been viewed more than a million times and has provoked criticism of Japanese-Brazilian Otani as well as accusations of encouraging sexual exploitation.

The negative reaction prompted her to speak out on social media on Monday.

She wrote: ‘I’m the virginity girl. And I want to do this raffle. It’s my body. My rules. I want to have sex with an unknown man.

‘However, he knows me and he wants me so much that he has bought a raffle ticket. The only difference to a one night stand is that I’ll be sober and I’ll earn money.

‘Prostitution has existed for thousands of years! I didn’t invent it and I won’t be the last to do it.’

On Instagram, she added: ‘I’m crying and I can’t stop because there is a lot of mean comments about me today. But it’s better to cry in a steeple than in a shack, right?’

Otani and Aguiar also posted a video addressing criticism from the Jurere Internacional resort in the southern Brazilian city of Florianopolis.

He denied accusations of pimping, which is illegal in Brazil unlike prostitution and carries a penalty of one to four years in prison and a fine.

She said: ‘Guys, do you think I need someone to manage me, someone to say what I have to do?

‘If I want to give and collect and I give it, if I want to give it for free, I give it, just like you do free for everyone.’

It is not clear if the raffle is genuine or a publicity stunt to boost Otani and Aguiar’s profiles.

The pair have not yet started selling raffle tickets and they have not set a date to do so.

Despite this, a group of people interested in the offer have set up a group on Telegram, which now has 15,000 members.

It comes after Ana was detained by the police when she tried to set fire to the HQ of California TV, which produces her erotic videos, in the north-eastern city of Natal.

She live streamed the arrest to her YouTube channel on October 6.

This article has been adapted from its original source.

In the video, he said he wants everyone to have ‘the opportunity to have a Japanese virgin in their life’ while she sits in a bikini behind him.

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